Tortugranja in an aquarium located in Isla Mujeres, who is in charge of preserving the life of sea turtles. When the turtles arrive to ovar on the coasts of Isla Mujeres during the summer, later the Tortugranja staff collect them to take them to Tortugranja, since there they are given adequate care so that they can sprout.


The next step is that they collate them in suitable spaces to grow and are visible to the public, they preserve them from small until they reach adulthood. Also when they are small, they are released into the sea and an activity is carried out with the island community to carry out the release of the turtles.

Tortugranja has been serving the preservation of marine life for many years. It has an accessible cost for entry and for people who reside in Isla Mujeres it is free. In this way we invite you to know Tortugranja, you can feed the turtles with the right food that can be purchased at an affordable price, it is totally family-friendly and recreational.

Phone +52 (999) 160 7159